How to quickly add logo to stock backpacks

by:Evercredit     2021-03-29
Question: How to quickly add logo to the stock backpack?    Answer: The stock backpack can use laser laser technology to laser the customer's logo onto the hardware sign, so as to achieve the effect of quickly adding the logo. Since the stock backpack is a finished backpack, if you change to a customer logo, the choice of logo craftsmanship is limited. Basically, you can only choose the hardware laser laser craft. Logo crafts like embroidery, silk screen printing, and embossing are either not available. It can be realized on the finished backpack, or the realization effect is not good. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the hardware laser technology for the luggage and the logo on the spot backpack. There are two types of laser logo colors: black and natural colors. Needless to say, black is known to everyone, and the natural color is what the color of the hardware brand itself is. What is the color of the logo produced? The natural color effect is not very obvious. Most customers will Choose a black style with a more obvious effect. Of course, which style to choose depends on the needs of the customer. Laser laser logo black effect real image▼   Spot backpacks are mostly produced exclusively by backpack manufacturers in response to customer demand for less goods, urgent goods, etc. After all, when the customer’s customized quantity is small or the urgent goods are not available for online production, the spot Backpacks can solve a lot of troubles, and stocks are generally available for customer logos.  Take luggage as an example. Every year, some best-selling backpack styles are selected for spot sales. Spot backpacks can be ordered in small quantities and the lead time is short. Generally, they can be shipped within 2-7 days. If the customer is in a hurry or the quantity of customization is small, the spot backpack is a very cost-effective choice. Friends who are interested in customizing stock backpacks or have needs, can call the official free hotline of luggage for more details.
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