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How to print and logo on the bag

by:Evercredit     2021-03-24
For backpack customization customers, the reason they want to customize the backpack is to a large extent to print their own brand logo on the bag, which has achieved the effect of promoting the brand. So, how to print and logo on the bag? What are the printing process? Next, the luggage manufacturer will tell everyone about the logo printing process, let's learn about it together. 1. Oil color printing Oil color printing is mainly used for bags with logo patterns and rich colors. The backpacks with similar landscape patterns that everyone carries on the street are basically spray paint or paint on them, but oil color printing There is a great smell of paint, and the paint may fall off, and the brand effect is short-lasting.  2, silk screen printing    silk screen printing is stencil printing, which is called the four printing methods together with flat printing, embossing and gravure printing. Silk screen is squeezed by a squeegee during printing, so that the ink is transferred to the surface of the backpack through the mesh of the graphic part to form the same graphic as the original. This is better than oil color printing, and the screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, printing and plate making are simple and low in cost. 3. The machine that prints the pattern on the backpack is a product of the combination of traditional printing and computer digital. It overcomes the disadvantages of traditional printing, such as small batches, rapid production of finished products, bright and complex colors, cumbersome process links, and environmental protection. It does not absorb water and is highly dustproof.  4. Logo printing   If you want to customize a pure color backpack, you can just use the logo to highlight your brand image, which is actually more simple and atmospheric. Backpack logo printing can choose three-dimensional screen printing, hardware mold opening, voltage and embroidery and other types of logo technology, each of which has its unique temperament, and there is always one that matches your brand's image temperament. The luggage manufacturer is a luggage industry and trade enterprise integrating design, development, production, processing and sales. With more than ten years of experience in the luggage industry, luggage has accumulated more than 3,000 corporate customers, and customized brand luggage images for the company. The company's trusted luggage manufacturer.
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