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How to maintain the zipper in the luggage

by:Evercredit     2021-03-19
The quality of the zipper can play a decisive role in the overall service life of the bag. If the zipper is used frequently but not maintained, the quality will be more or less affected, which will affect the normal use of the bag. Therefore, in the daily use of luggage, we must learn to maintain the zipper to extend the service life of the luggage. Now let the author introduce to you how to maintain the zipper in the luggage, hurry up and understand. 1. During the daily use of the zipper, attention should be paid to anti-rust treatment. The aluminum alloy zipper is more susceptible to corrosion, so it should be kept dry and not damp to prevent the aluminum teeth from generating white oxides, which may cause the zipper over time. Rust will affect the use. At the same time, please pay attention that the zipper does not come into contact with alkaline and acidic substances, so as to avoid oxidation and rust.  2. The zipper must be used correctly. Before pulling the zipper, the teeth on both sides must be brought close and the top ends must be aligned. Then, hold the metal luggage zipper head and gently pull it along the track. Do not pull it too hard. When using the zipper, pay attention to whether the zipper has any shortcomings such as tooth loss and skewing. If there are these shortcomings, repair them in time and do not pull hard. If the zipper is astringent when pulled up, apply a layer of wax on the teeth layer of the zipper first, so that the zipper will be smoother when used.  3. Metal zippers are easier to oxidize and scratch, so if you don’t use luggage, you can use paper or dust bags to cover the luggage or zipper to minimize the loss of the zipper and extend its service life.   customized fashion and creative backpacks, starting from the choice of zipper. Luggage Customized luggage and bags for customers are made of high-quality zippers, and the ones that have been used are said to be good, the strength is visible, and they are trustworthy and worthy of choice. Luggage was founded in 2004. The factory is located in Huadu, Guangzhou. It is a professional bag manufacturer integrating design, production and trade. It can be customized according to samples and drawings, or it can design and develop new styles to meet customer's personalized customization. Demand, good quality is trustworthy!
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