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How to judge the quality of fabrics for custom backpacks

by:Evercredit     2021-03-24
For customers of customized backpacks, since they all choose to customize, they naturally hope to get better quality products. And the quality of customized backpacks is closely related to the choice of fabrics. The quality of backpacks made of good fabrics is a very important factor. It's definitely leveraged. So, how does a customized backpack judge the quality of the fabric? Let's listen to what the luggage manufacturer says.  1. Look at the texture of the material    Whether it is nylon or polyester, the size of the texture of the fabric is one of the grades of the material. Backpack materials are divided into 1680D, 1200D, 840D and 600D. The best 1680D lines are double-stranded and single-stranded, and are often used to customize business computer backpacks and outdoor backpacks; 1200D has a slightly finer texture than 1680D, which is generally used for the appearance of lightweight outdoor backpacks and mountaineering bags, such as the bottom and sides; 840D is A good material for briefcases; and 600D is a commonly used material. Its textures generally include twill, pit, jacquard, etc., and its appearance varies. Fashion business backpacks and travel bags will use 600D material. When choosing these materials, it is necessary to observe whether the lines are dense and stylish.  2. Look at the rubber bottom of the material.    The rubber bottom of the backpack material is divided into coating and plastic bonding. The coated rubber bottom is better than the plastic bonding. There are many kinds of materials for the coating rubber base, including PU, Uni glue and AC glue. When the rubber sole is at the same fabric density (D), the coated rubber sole is lighter, feels better, and has better elasticity than the plastic laminated rubber sole. The plastic laminated rubber bottom is made of PVC, PE, etc. The fabric has poor permeability and is not breathable enough, and the fabric will be heavier. Therefore, high-end bags basically do not use this kind of rubber bottom. The bags of 'light business, light fashion' bags all use coated rubber bottoms. , Making the luggage light and soft.  3. Look at the color of the material  The colors of the material are all colorful. Sometimes the gorgeous colors can cover up some shortcomings, but the solid color fabric can't cover up. Therefore, when choosing a backpack of pure color fabric, check whether the color is punctual, whether there are black spots on the body, and whether the fabric has faded. Customized luggage, find luggage, luggage was founded in 2004, has more than ten years of operating experience in the industry, its factories have complete staffing, high production efficiency, strict product quality control, served many well-known companies, and formed a good brand , Word of mouth has won the recognition and support of countless customers!
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