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How to identify the value of high-priced backpacks

by:Evercredit     2021-03-24
The price of backpacks varies with factors such as materials, styles, brands, etc. When people buy backpacks, they want to buy a backpack with good value for money. If you spend a big price but buy a backpack of bad quality, then There will be a feeling of being deceived and affect the shopping experience. So, how do you distinguish the value of a high-priced backpack? Let's listen to what the author of the luggage says. 1. Look at the brand effect of the backpack brand is a very important factor that affects the price. The reason why the price of some luxury brand backpacks is very high, in addition to the good selection of products, it is very important that the brand has extremely high commercial value. The brand signature backpack is naturally expensive due to its own brand effect. 2. Look at the backpack material. There are many backpack fabrics, such as cloth, synthetic leather, leather, etc. The texture of backpacks made of different fabrics is different, and the best texture is genuine leather, but genuine leather The price of backpacks made of materials is not low, so when buying a backpack, if the price is high, you have to pay attention to what material is made of, and try to choose the most cost-effective one. 3. Look at the hardware accessories of the backpack. There are some hardware accessories on each backpack. The hardware accessories on a good backpack are very shiny and textured! Touch with your hand, the moisture left on the electroplated surface will gradually disappear, and then Restore light. It's like touching a piece of clear glass. Bad hardware accessories look like only rough plating. The surface is not smooth and the color is not pure. In addition, the hardware on some decorations should also be carefully looked at. Generally speaking, a good backpack must be equipped with good hardware accessories, because the hardware accessories that are not good for the overall effect are serious consumption of the texture of the backpack. Since all the good fabrics are used, why not go with good hardware to add the finishing touch?    4. Look at the style of the backpack. Style is also very important. Different social groups will have their own favorite styles. General brand luggage manufacturers have dedicated design teams. Styles can always cater to the trend. The cost of design is also one of the reasons why backpacks are expensive, not The brand’s backpack manufacturer does not have dedicated designers, and mainly imitates some brand styles. If you can find two backpacks of the same model, one authentic and one non-genuine, you will find that the non-genuine backpack is always a little bit counterfeit. Insufficient, because of the company's strength, production equipment and management gaps, the smaller the counterfeit backpack, the more difficult it is to process and imitate.  Luggage specializes in processing customized luggage, which can be designed and customized according to customer requirements. Customers can freely use their unique designs and provide design drafts for us to manufacture. If you need to purchase bags in large quantities, it is recommended that we design and customize, and OEM production of our own brand, it is easier to win a good reputation from consumers!
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