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How to find a manufacturer for small batch backpack customization

by:Evercredit     2021-03-24
Different customers have different customization quantities for backpacks. For those customers with a relatively high number of customizations, it is easier to find relevant manufacturers, and for those customers with a relatively small number of customizations, it is easier to find a suitable manufacturer. But it's not an easy task. Why do you say that? How to find manufacturers for small batch backpack customization? Let's listen to the suggestions of luggage manufacturers. It is indeed difficult to find a suitable manufacturer for small batch of backpack customization, because most luggage manufacturers have relevant regulations for the minimum order quantity of luggage in order to save production costs. If the minimum order quantity is lower than the minimum order quantity, many manufacturers save manpower, The material cost will choose not to accept the order. Even if the order is accepted, the unit price will rise a lot due to the small quantity, which will also be a big burden for the customization party. For customers who customize backpacks in small quantities, they must do more at one time and increase the quantity to reduce production costs. At the same time, if the quantity is large, it will be easier to find manufacturers, or they can only find some small workshops or small workshops. Manufacturers, the production capacity of these small factories is not as good as that of large factories, so the minimum order quantity requirements will not be so high, but it is possible that the customization time will be slightly longer.   If the number of customizations is really very small and it is difficult to find a manufacturer for production, the customer should consider the manufacturer’s relevant spot styles. Taking luggage as an example, some hot-selling styles are selected every year to produce 1-5 models without LOGO in stock, which can support a minimum order of 20. Customers can find their favorite styles in the luggage stock, and choose their favorite OEM styles for processing and customization. Generally, the large goods can be completed within 2 weeks after the order is placed. The time is short, the brand effect is strong, and the cost is relatively low. Therefore, for customers with a relatively small number of customizations, buying spot is a more cost-effective choice. Look for backpack manufacturers, look for luggage manufacturers! Luggage has more than ten years of production and management experience in the luggage customization industry, and in the past ten years, it has served hundreds of well-known companies, such as China CITIC Bank , Ping An Bank, CNOOC, Dell, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. Customized bags with good quality are the best choice!
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