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How to find a manufacturer for a small number of customized luggage

by:Evercredit     2021-03-22
In the luggage customization industry, most manufacturers have relevant regulations for the minimum order quantity. If the minimum order quantity cannot be reached, in order to save costs, many manufacturers generally choose not to take orders. So, how to find a manufacturer for a small number of customized luggage? Let's listen to what the luggage author says. If the number of customized luggage and bags is relatively small, according to the current development trend, most can only choose the spot models of the manufacturers. Because the number of customizations is too small, the overall production process of the manufacturer and the required manpower and material resources will not be reduced due to the small number In comparison, the overall production cost of the manufacturer is not cost-effective. Therefore, the manufacturer will choose not to accept the order considering the cost. Therefore, in order to prevent the manufacturer from being unable to find the manufacturer due to the small quantity, it is better for customers to choose the manufacturer's spot model.  Take luggage as an example. Every year, some hot-selling styles are selected to produce 1-5 models without LOGO in stock, which can support 20 minimum orders. Customers can find their favorite styles in the luggage stock, and choose their favorite OEM styles for processing and customization. Generally, they can complete the bulk goods within 1-2 weeks after placing the order. The time is short, the brand effect is strong, and the cost is relatively low. It is relatively low, so for customers with a relatively small number of customizations, buying spot is a more cost-effective choice. Luggage is a professional luggage manufacturer focusing on OEM and ODM of luggage for more than ten years. It has been committed to OEM and ODM of luggage products, providing professional personalized customization services, and can design customized styles according to customer requirements, change materials or colors, and control Production cost, tailor-made luggage products that meet their own needs for customers!
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