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How to customize schoolbags to satisfy students

by:Evercredit     2021-03-24
In the school season of the students, parents will prepare a beautiful new schoolbag for their children. Of course, some of them are no longer able to carry the textbooks of the upper grades because the original schoolbags have grown older. Some are because of the wanton abuse of schoolbags in the process of children's use, and it has changed beyond recognition. In short, everyone still likes good-looking new schoolbags. Today, the author of the backpack manufacturer will introduce to you how the schoolbag customization process meets the needs of students.  1. The size of schoolbags needs to be considered for customization  As there are many different factors between schoolbags for students and adult backpacks, the size of schoolbags is one of the important factors. Often the schoolbags of the first grade only need to be about 20*28cm in size, there should be no problem. As the grade grows, the original size can no longer meet the requirements of loading books, so the corresponding schoolbags of grades 3-4 The size is about 24*30cm. Then in grades 6-7, it is basically about the same size as an adult backpack, about 30-40cm.    2. The appearance of schoolbag customization needs to be considered. As schoolbags are used for children or students, there is no glamorous appearance and no gorgeous colors. It will be liked by children. Of course, the students' preferences and styles will change drastically after entering junior high school, so let's talk about it separately. As a junior schoolbag, girls will have little princesses, and boys will have cars. These are common patterns to modify the appearance of schoolbags. Schoolbags with such patterns are often accepted and sold well. 3. Schoolbag customization needs to consider whether the carrying of a reasonable schoolbag is good or not. This is the internal manifestation of the quality of the schoolbag, because it is different from the appearance. It only needs visual and intuitive feeling to judge whether it is beautiful, and the schoolbag carrying system and schoolbag shoulder straps need Students can only feel whether they are pressing on their shoulders and whether they feel that the angle of force is wrong during long-term use. Long-term use of poor quality backpacks will bring disadvantages to the growth of children. Therefore, a good schoolbag shoulder system can reduce the burden. The strength is even, the length and size fit together. This is a good schoolbag.   Where can I look for customized schoolbags? If you want to customize schoolbags for students with good prices, I recommend Fujian. Fujian is a luggage area with good quality, sufficient materials, mature technology, and excellent prices in China's luggage base. Fujian luggage is a very good luggage manufacturer. It has served Tsinghua Experimental School and Jilin University High School. I believe you are trustworthy. The luggage manufacturer!
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