How to choose the right size for backpack purchase

by:Evercredit     2021-03-29
Question: How to choose the right size for backpack purchase? A: Different types of backpacks have different sizes, and everyone's height and body shape are different, and the applicable backpack sizes are also different. Only choose the appropriate backpack size. Dressing and body shape matching can complement each other. To buy backpacks, you can choose according to the size of your body and waist:    One, choose a backpack according to your torso     1. If the length of the torso is less than 45cm, you can choose a small backpack.  2, the torso length is between 4552cm, just choose a medium-sized backpack.  3. The torso length is greater than 52cm, so choose a large backpack.   2. Choose a backpack according to your waist circumference     1. If the waist circumference is between 68-78cm, you can choose a small backpack.  2, if the waist is between 78-92cm, choose a medium-sized backpack.  3, waist circumference is between 92-106cm, choose a large backpack.  4. The waist circumference is greater than 106cm. It is recommended to choose an extra-large backpack.   When buying a backpack, the question of how to correctly choose the size of the backpack can be based on the torso and waist circumference. If you choose a manufacturer to customize, then you need to communicate with the manufacturer in detail. Choose the manufacturer to customize the backpack. The author recommends the luggage here. The luggage has been established for 15 years and has rich experience in making backpacks. The size of the backpack can be made according to customer needs. Welcome everyone to consult and understand.
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