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How to choose backpacks for different outdoor activities

by:Evercredit     2021-03-19
When people go out to participate in outdoor activities, they will definitely carry something with them. Different outdoor activities require different items. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable outdoor backpack for travel according to the activity item. Below, the author of luggage will introduce to you how to buy backpacks for different outdoor activities from several aspects such as outdoor running, daily leisure travel, mountaineering and camping. 1. Outdoor running Outdoor running is a commonly used exercise method for most people, without restrictions on venues, equipment, etc. Therefore, many people like to run in the morning or at night, and they will inevitably carry keys, mobile phones and other items when running. At this time, you need one The capacity is suitable and lightweight, and it will not affect the running backpack. The author suggests that you can choose a lightweight and portable small waist bag.   This outdoor belt bag is custom-made by bag design. This waist bag is mainly used for outings, running and leisure outings. The large memory storage allows you to no longer worry about the difficulty of too small spaces and too many compartments; carrying a breathable sandwich net fits your skin, absorbing sweat and not sticky, helping you Perspiration and heat dissipation, while the flexible belt allows you to carry it freely, which can be cross-carried or waist-carried, any choice.  2, daily leisure travel  In your leisure time, walking around, looking at the beautiful surrounding scenery, and tasting the nearby delicacies is a great joy in life. At this time, we can enjoy this wonderful time with brightly colored backpacks, like young pupils. Therefore, when choosing a backpack, you should choose a backpack with a stylish and good-looking appearance but a relatively medium capacity that can meet the needs of short-term travel. 3. Mountaineering camping Mountaineering camping has higher requirements for the quality of backpacks. There are more things to carry in mountaineering camping, such as sleeping bags, tents, hiking sticks and other equipment. Therefore, the backpacks selected for mountaineering camping are required. Pay attention to the large capacity, the fabric should be wear-resistant, if it can be waterproof, it would be better. In addition, because the amount of mountaineering exercise is relatively large, and the weight of the backpack is also large, the mountaineering bag should also have the effects of shock absorption, waist protection and shoulder protection, to give users comfort and flexibility.   This professional mountaineering bag is made of water-repellent lattice material, which is strong, wear-resistant and rain-proof. The bag-shaped design is stylish and beautiful, with large space in the bag and strong practicability. The bottom of the bag is designed with a hidden zipper bag, which can be used for umbrellas and so on. Designed with high-density mesh bags on both sides, you can put water cups, kettles, etc. for easy access. The backpack adopts a suspended mesh back panel system, which is comfortable and breathable. The thickened PE cotton   straps reduce the pressure and friction on the back. The strap adopts a jujube reinforcement design, which is strong and durable.   It’s entangled to buy an outdoor backpack. I don’t know which one to buy? It’s better to try a personalized outdoor backpack and customize it according to your own specific outdoor activities, making it more practical and unique.   Outdoor backpack customization, choose a luggage customization manufacturer, using advanced computer assembly line production, customized proofing for enterprises, all manual customization, high production level, personalized design for the enterprise, and reasonable design of outdoor backpack drawings. The size of the plant determines the level of proofing and the production speed of bulk goods. The sample of luggage is faster than that of a factory that also has a board room. Profession comes from focus. For 14 years, we have only made luggage customization. The luggage has a complete independent research and development system, and a professional production quality control system has been established. In the OEM, ODM of luggage products and the personalized customization business of corporate groups, we have achieved With the trust and support of many customers, you are your trusted outdoor backpack custom manufacturer!
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