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How to buy good bags during the Spring Festival

by:Evercredit     2021-03-24
The annual Spring Festival travel season has already begun, and the crowded Spring Festival travel season can't stop the wanderers from returning home. You must have a sturdy and safe backpack or trolley case when you return home during the Spring Festival to prevent it from being overwhelmed or stolen. So, how do you buy good luggage when you go home during the Spring Festival? The luggage author will give you tips, let's take a look. 1. Choose luggage and bags according to the means of transportation to go home during the Spring Festival. Large bags and small bags are definitely indispensable, but when choosing luggage, everyone should pay attention to what means of transportation they take home. If you take an airplane, carry your luggage with you. The size cannot exceed 21 inches. If it exceeds this size, it must be checked in. If you are using other means of transportation, the size requirements for the suitcase are not very high. You can choose the appropriate suitcase according to your needs.  2. Observe all aspects of the luggage carefully.    Regardless of the type of luggage, pay attention to careful observation when purchasing, so as not to buy bad quality luggage and affect travel. When purchasing luggage, pay attention to carefully observe the surface, lining, hardware, locks, glue, thread, etc. of the luggage, pay attention to whether there are cracks, burrs, damage, etc., especially when purchasing a trolley case At the time of purchase, the quality of the combination lock and the wheels of the trolley case are very important, both of which are related to the convenience of going home and the safety of finances. You must pay attention to check when you buy. You can pull it when you buy. Take the box a few steps to see if the bottom wheel is flexible and the steering ability is not strong. Choosing a good luggage is very important for a smooth return home during the Spring Festival. When shopping, everyone should pay attention to the direction of sturdiness and durability. Don't blindly pursue the appearance. Many things are inapplicable. Strong and durable is the key to returning home during the Spring Festival. For the Spring Festival luggage customization, please look for the luggage. The luggage has more than ten years of personalized luggage customization experience. It has its own design board room, leather processing factory, luggage production line, self-inspection QC quality inspection department and e-commerce platform, etc., the main shoulders Backpacks, computer backpacks, student school bags, casual men's bags, trolley cases, travel bags, tool and instrument bags, etc. The excellent standards of product quality have been highly recognized by the industry, and have served thousands of well-known companies, such as Huawei, Baidu, and China Yi, Lianjia, Ping An of China, BYD, etc., products are widely used in various fields, visible manifestations of strength, worthy of choice, worthy of trust!
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