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How much is the minimum quantity of toiletry bags?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-26
There is a kind of bag that you don't use often, but you can't do without it when you travel. It is a wash bag. The volume of the toiletry bag is generally not very large, but the variety of items it contains is very complete, which can fully meet the needs of washing during the journey. The toiletry bag is also one of the must-haves for people on business trips, tourism, and long-distance travel, and its convenience is also deep. Loved by travelers. So, how much is the minimum number of custom-made toiletry bags? The luggage manufacturers will answer for you. The customization of toiletry bags is different from other luggage customization, because most toiletry bags are made in simpler production process and the size of the toiletry bags is relatively small. In order to save production costs, the minimum order quantity for toiletry bags should be higher. As an example, many manufacturers set the minimum order quantity for toiletry bags between 300-500, and the specific minimum order depends on the actual situation of the manufacturer. If a customer wants to customize a wash bag, he must first understand the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity. If the custom quantity is small, some manufacturers may not accept the order or the manufacturer’s order but the unit price has increased a lot. Therefore, these Matters have to be understood clearly in advance.   The summer vacation is approaching, the peak summer travel season is about to begin, and the sale of toiletry bags is about to usher in a prime time for sales. If you want to customize toiletry bags to prepare for the summer travel goods market, you must advance. You can choose a custom-made luggage manufacturer! The custom-made luggage manufacturer is located in Guangzhou, Fujian. It has 15 years of experience in custom-made luggage. It has a factory with more than 200 people, and has its own design team and Ru0026D team to fully cooperate with the customization work. Professional luggage customization manufacturer in the industry!
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