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How much does a custom gift backpack cost

by:Evercredit     2021-03-25
Gift backpacks have become more popular in recent years. When holding related events or giving gifts to customers and employees, many businesses will prefer to customize an exclusive backpack as a gift. The backpack is fashionable and practical, so it is also Deeply loved by recipients. When it comes to custom gift backpacks, it is inevitable to talk about the price issue. Then, how much does a custom gift backpack cost? Luggage manufacturers will analyze the price of custom backpacks for you.   The question of'how much does a customized gift backpack cost' cannot be generalized, because there are many factors that affect the price of backpack customization. The price of backpacks of different materials, styles, and quantities is definitely different before, so everyone must learn to treat them differently. Generally speaking, the factors affecting the customized price of backpacks are mainly as follows:   1. Backpack customization standards Backpack customization standards include many aspects, such as material, style, size, production process, accessory material, logo process, finished product requirements, inner packaging , Outer packaging, box rules, implementation standards, etc. These standards are the key factors that affect prices. Only when all the standards are communicated clearly can the price be more accurate.  2, Quantity  Quantity is also a very important factor, which can affect unit price and production standards. If the quantity cannot meet the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity, then the manufacturer may choose not to take the order in order to save labor costs, or if the order is received, because the minimum order quantity is not reached, the unit price of the customized backpack will be much higher. . Therefore, when customizing a backpack, pay attention to inquire about the manufacturer's minimum order quantity in advance. As the saying goes, small profits but quick turnover. If there are a lot of customized quantities, the factory’s production cost will not be wasted so much. The quotation of the factory will naturally be lower. Generally, the factory will have a tiered quotation table. Do as long as the overall price allows the factory to make money. 3. Labor cost If you inquire about the price of luggage processing factories in different regions, there may be a big gap, because different regions will cause different labor costs due to different labor costs, which will affect the customized price. Generally speaking, the price in developed regions The labor cost is higher than that in underdeveloped regions, so when the customizing party asks the manufacturer for a price, it must pay attention to the location of the manufacturer.  Gift backpack customization, please look for luggage. Luggage specializes in the production of customized backpacks. Founded in 2004, it is an industrial and trade enterprise integrating luggage design, development, production and sales. We have served many well-known companies and have formed a good reputation in the industry. We also have a group of energetic engineers and production personnel with nearly 20 years of experience. We have built a professional design and production team. We will develop and innovate every quarter to launch high-quality products to ensure products. Following fashion trends and pursuing international quality, it is the best choice for enterprises to customize backpacks!
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