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How much do you need to order a canvas bag?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-25
Canvas bags are favored by consumers because of their simple and generous style, convenient carrying, practical functions and affordable prices. There are also various canvas bags on the market. Many businesses or companies will choose to customize when doing related promotional activities. Some canvas bags attract the attention of consumers, and the relevant promotional information is printed on the canvas bags. Wherever the bag is on the back, the advertisement can be done. This is a multi-purpose advertising method for the event organizer. So, how much do you need to order a custom canvas bag? Let's take a look at what the bag manufacturer says. Canvas bags are different from other backpacks, because the production process is relatively simple and the production cost is relatively low, so the manufacturer's minimum order quantity for canvas bags is higher than other styles of backpacks, but different manufacturers have different regulations on the minimum order quantity of canvas bags. , Take luggage as an example. The minimum order quantity for medium-sized canvas bags is 500. If the canvas bag is relatively small, the minimum order quantity will increase, and the canvas bag style is different, the minimum order quantity will also be Changed. When a customer customizes a canvas bag, he must consult the manufacturer if he wants to know the minimum order quantity. Canvas bags are customized, please look for the luggage. The luggage is a production-oriented enterprise specializing in the production and processing, Ru0026D, design and sales of luggage. It has more than ten years of operating experience, has a professional Ru0026D and design team and professional operators. Therefore , Have sufficient ability to develop and design the latest, exquisite, high-quality luggage for customers.
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