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How long is the production cycle for custom trolley cases?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-20
For customers of customized trolley cases, in addition to paying attention to product quality, the length of the production cycle of the product is also an issue that cannot be ignored. If the manufacturer cannot deliver the goods after the specified time, the follow-up impact may be very large for the customer. . Therefore, before customizing the trolley case, it is necessary to figure out how long the production cycle of the trolley case is in order to prepare in advance. Next, let the luggage author tell you how long the custom production cycle of the trolley case is generally.  The production cycle of the trolley case is related to the material of the trolley case and the quantity to be customized. Generally speaking, under the same quantity, the production cycle of the soft case is shorter than that of the hard case. Because the materials used in the soft box are generally cloth materials, these materials do not need to open the mold, and can be directly cut, sew and proofed. Therefore, the production cycle should be shorter. The hard case materials are generally made of PC, ABS, aluminum-magnesium alloy and other materials. If these materials are used for the trolley case, unless the customer customizes it according to the original style of the manufacturer, each part of the trolley case must be moulded. Mold opening needs to involve a series of issues such as the procurement of mold opening materials, mold making, proofing, etc. This will take a long time, so the entire production cycle will be longer. It is worth noting that the production cycle generally refers to the time period from the time the production order is placed to the manufacturer’s shipment after the customer confirms that the sample is satisfied. The production cycle of most manufacturers is about 15-25 days, but the previous customers are counted. Communicating with the manufacturer and confirming the sample in the early stage (the time required for proofing is generally about one week), etc. The entire time period is basically more than 25 days. Therefore, before the timing of the trolley box, the buyer should prepare in advance to avoid time. It’s not good if you can’t finish your goods. Are you still worrying about finding a factory for custom luggage? Choose luggage, quality and delivery can be assured. As a benchmark enterprise in the luggage customization industry in Fujian, luggage has been focusing on the production and research and development of backpacks, and is committed to providing valuable luggage customization services !
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