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How long does it take for the luggage manufacturer to customize the cycle

by:Evercredit     2021-03-22
For luggage customization customers, how long the production cycle of bulk goods is also a more concerned part. If the customization cycle of the luggage manufacturer is relatively long and has not been known in advance, it is likely to cause major losses. Therefore, the customer is customizing Before the luggage, the delivery date must be communicated with the luggage manufacturer in advance, so as not to be unable to deliver on the expiration date, which will have a major impact. So, how long does it take for the luggage manufacturer to customize the cycle? Let's listen to what the luggage author has to say. The production cycle of luggage customization is mainly determined by the number and style of customization. The length of the production cycle is absolutely different for different customized quantities and customized styles. Generally speaking, the more customized quantities, the more complex the styles, and the customization cycle is about The longer it is, take the backpack computer bag as an example. If the number is about 1,000, the production cycle is generally about 20 days. This has to be the production cycle of a large luggage processing factory. If the scale is slightly smaller, the production cycle may be possible. Just about a month or more. Therefore, customers with customized luggage needs must pay attention to the timing before customizing the luggage. It is best to prepare two months in advance, because the customized luggage process is still more complicated. Both parties confirm the style, proofing, and mass production. It takes time to wait, so in order to prevent delays, the customization time is advanced just in case.  Luggage production customization, please look for the luggage. Luggage is a professional luggage manufacturer focusing on OEM and ODM of luggage for more than ten years. It has been committed to OEM and ODM of luggage products, providing professional personalized customization services, and can design customized styles according to customer requirements, change materials or colors, and control Production cost, tailor-made luggage products that meet their own needs for customers!
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