How long does it take for backpack manufacturers to make samples?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-30
Question: How long does it take for backpack manufacturers to make proofs?    Answer: The proofing cycle of Xiamen bags to customers is generally about 5-15 days. If it involves opening molds or ordering leather materials, the time will be extended according to the specific situation (mold opening time 15-20 days, order leather material time is 7-10 days). Generally speaking, the simpler the backpack proofing style, the shorter the proofing time, the more complex the style, and the longer the proofing time. For the specific proofing time, the customized party and the manufacturer will have the result after detailed communication according to the specific requirements.  Luggage supports design and proofing customization. If customers require design and proofing, we can also help you issue relevant design plans and proofing according to your specific requirements. Of course, there are related costs. For example, the cost of proofing can be used as a payment deduction or returned to the customizing party when the customer places an order. This is all possible. You can consult the luggage online for specific details. Customer service or add luggage business WeChat 13509667217 consultation for details.
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