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How long does it take for backpack custom proofing

by:Evercredit     2021-03-25
In backpack customization, proofing is an indispensable step before the customer places an order for production. Only if the proofing sample can be recognized by the customer, can the customer place an order to the manufacturer for production. Therefore, many customers are more concerned about the length of the proofing time in order to do the follow-up work. Below, the luggage manufacturer will tell you how long it takes for the backpack to customize the proofing. The proofing time for backpack customization is generally about 3-7 days. The proofing time for different bags is different. If the customer has special requirements for materials and styles, the proofing time will be longer, especially for some rare materials, sometimes on the market. There is no sale on the previous page, and it has to be customized. In this case, the proofing can only be carried out after the materials are ready, so the proofing time will be extended. Therefore, regarding the length of the proofing time, everyone should pay attention to different treatments, but for ordinary backpacks, the general proofing time is 3-7 days. The proofing process is more complicated. The design, material selection, pattern making, sewing, etc. all test the strength of the manufacturer. Only the luggage products produced by the good proofing ability can be recognized and liked by the customers, and how good is the proofing ability It directly reflects the professionalism of the luggage manufacturer. Therefore, if you want to see how strong this manufacturer is, it is very practical for the manufacturer to make a sample directly. For luggage customization, please look for luggage! The quality and delivery time are assured. As a benchmark enterprise in the luggage customization industry in Fujian, luggage has been customized by many well-known companies with high-quality backpacks, and luggage has been focused on luggage customization for 15 years , Has a strong team of designers, and has long-term cooperative relationships with well-known domestic companies, including Baidu, Lianjia, Huawei, TCL, Sinopec and so on. Therefore, choose a manufacturer of customized backpack computer bags, and bags are a manufacturer worth considering and choosing.
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