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How is the quality of the trolley case made of aluminum frame?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-23
Aluminum-framed trolley cases have become more and more popular in recent years. Major brands have their aluminum-framed trolley cases, but many people don’t know about aluminum-framed trolley cases, so they don’t know about aluminum. What is the quality of the trolley case made of frame material? Today, the author of the case and bag will give you answers and answers, let’s learn about it together. The aluminum frame trolley box means that the upper and lower parts of the box are composed of aluminum frames. Most of the aluminum frame trolley boxes are made of pc and aluminum-magnesium alloy. The aluminum frame trolley box will be stronger and stronger as a whole. You can sit on it to rest when you are tired. The box will not deform and is very convenient. The aluminum-framed trolley box with good quality will not break easily as long as you don't fall hard. Analysis of the advantages of aluminum-frame trolley cases. Aluminum-frame trolley cases are stronger and more compressive than zipper trolley cases. They have stronger bearing capacity, are not easy to deform when being squeezed, and are strong and crashworthy. There are valuable items in the box, such as laptops, etc., which can be very good The protection items are safe and there is no need to worry about crushing. The appearance of the aluminum frame trolley case is more fashionable and tidy, it looks more advanced, and it is more convenient to use. Analysis of the disadvantages of aluminum frame trolley case The price of aluminum frame trolley case is more expensive, and it is more bulky than other materials of the same size. The aluminum frame trolley case is not resistant to falling, and heavy falls may deform the aluminum frame, resulting in the appearance of the box. It can’t be opened or deducted, and the repair price will be more expensive.   The above summary is that it is resistant to crashes and falls. It is good-looking but expensive and heavy. It is suitable for holding expensive items that are afraid of pressure. You can consider whether to choose aluminum-framed trolley boxes according to your needs. Are you still worrying about finding a factory for custom luggage? Choose luggage, quality and delivery can be assured. As a benchmark enterprise in the luggage customization industry in Fujian, luggage has been focusing on the production and research and development of backpacks, and is committed to providing valuable luggage customization services !
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