How big is the 16-inch trolley case? How many clothes can it fit?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-28
Question: How big is the 16-inch trolley case? How much clothes can it hold?    Answer: The 16-inch trolley case is the smallest size in the trolley case. When taking an airplane, as long as the weight does not exceed, you can take it directly on the plane. The size of the 16-inch trolley case is relatively small. The specific size is calculated based on the sum of the length, height and width. The common 16-inch trolley case size is about 31cm in length, 43cm in height, and 13cm in width. This size is a reference size, because Different brands and manufacturers have different calculation methods, so different trolley case sizes may have an error of one or two centimeters.   As for how many clothes a 16-inch trolley can hold, it depends on how the user uses it. Because the 16-inch trolley case is relatively small, almost equivalent to the size of a conventional 14-inch double-shoulder computer bag, a 16-inch trolley case cannot hold a lot of clothes. Generally, two or three sets of clothes can be stored in spring and summer. But if it's winter, a coat can fill it up. It is precisely because the size of the 16-inch trolley case is too small, when most people buy a trolley case, they will prefer an 18-inch or 20-inch trolley case that has a slightly larger capacity and can also be used on airplanes. Of course, when going out, the specific size of the trolley case you want to choose depends on the user's own situation.  Want to know or learn more about the trolley case? Welcome everyone to visit the official website of the bag for details.
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