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Four key points for purchasing business bags

by:Evercredit     2021-03-20
Business bags are basically standard equipment for business people. Business people of different professions have business bags that suit them. A decent business bag is a symbol of the carrier's taste and can also be said to be an invisible business card. Therefore, when buying a business bag, men should pay attention to choosing one of outstanding quality, so as not to affect their image. Next, the luggage author will talk to you about the four key points of business bag purchase, hurry up and take a look. 1. Pay attention to whether the wrapping surface is flat. When purchasing a business bag, pay attention to choosing a wrapping surface that is flat, smooth, no wrinkles, no bubbling, no extra seams, and a bag with no twisted straps. The straps are used at a relatively high rate. In part, it determines the comfort of a bag to a large extent. When purchasing, you must pay attention to checking the bearing capacity and firmness of the bag strap. 2. Pay attention to what the body material is. There are many kinds of materials for the business bag. Among them, the material of the superior business bag is cowhide. The cowhide material is softer and delicate than other materials, and it is comfortable to touch by hand, and has good wear resistance. , Durability, even if it is used for a long time, it is not easy to peel or peel. The quality is relatively guaranteed. Moreover, business bags made of cowhide material have better texture and look relatively high-end, which is more suitable for business people. 3. Pay attention to the workmanship of the business bag. When purchasing a business bag, you should not only pay attention to the material, but also the workmanship. The workmanship of the superior business bag will be uniform and solid throughout the bag. There will be no roughness in the corners The careful routing takes care of every part of the package as much as possible. Inferior workmanship is relatively rough, and the wiring is not fine, and even disconnection occurs during use.  4. Pay attention to the quality of business accessories.    Every bag will be equipped with zippers, metal sliders and other small accessories. Don't look down on these small accessories. In many cases, the service life of the bag is often determined by these small accessories. Therefore, when purchasing a business bag, you should pay attention to the quality of the zipper. The zipper structure on a high-quality business bag will be tight and smooth. You can try to pull it when shopping to see if it is smoother. Whether the teeth are smooth and even. Good-quality business bags will use alloy hardware, which can protect the bag firmly so that it will not fall or loosen. Some merchants generally use iron hardware, which has a weak buckle, which can easily cause gaps and looseness, and the service life of the bag will be greatly shortened. A business bag is an invisible business card for business people. A decent business bag can highlight the elegant and introverted look of business people. Therefore, when buying a business bag, you must pay attention to choosing exquisite texture and excellent workmanship to enhance your image temperament. For customized business bags, look for a luggage manufacturer! Luggage not only has a large-scale factory building, professional designers, and top-level operating technicians, but also has more than ten years of experience in custom-made bags, and also has the field of custom-made men’s business briefcases. A certain degree of popularity, therefore, custom-made men's business briefcases are the first choice for customized luggage manufacturers!
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