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Do you know the precautions for cleaning schoolbags?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-27
During the summer vacation, most parents will take the time to clean the schoolbags for the children. After all, after a semester of use, the schoolbags should be washed well to welcome the next semester. The schoolbags that parents buy for their children are not cheap. If the washing method is improper, it may damage the schoolbags and affect their use. So, do you understand the precautions for bag cleaning? Let's listen to what the bags say. 1. Choose the way to clean the schoolbag. At present, most schoolbags on the market have a forming process in the production process to fix the schoolbag into a certain shape for aesthetics and practicality. Therefore, when washing, it is recommended to wash it by hand. If it is machine-washed, use a washing machine. The squeezing and turning of the schoolbag can easily cause deformation of the schoolbag, which will affect the use of the schoolbag. If the schoolbag is made of pure cloth and has no forming process, you can also choose to machine wash. Of course, the specific washing method is still yours. This is just a suggestion. 2. Precautions for cleaning schoolbags Before cleaning, soak the schoolbags in water (the water temperature is below 30 degrees, and the soaking time should be within ten minutes), so that the water can penetrate into the fibers, and the water-soluble dirt can be removed first, so that the schoolbags can be cleaned. Reduce the amount of lotion to achieve better washing effect. Some slight fading during cleaning of schoolbags is normal. Please wash dark fabrics separately to avoid contaminating other clothes. Do not use detergents containing (bleaching agents, fluorescent agents, phosphorus, etc.) to avoid damaging the material of the schoolbags and causing the fabrics of the schoolbags to be brittle. In turn, shorten the service life. When washing, do not use a brush to brush hard, so as not to damage the schoolbag pattern and affect the appearance, just rub it gently. If it is a leather schoolbag, just wipe it clean with a wet towel, not soaking and washing. 3. Precautions for drying schoolbags After cleaning, the schoolbags should not be wrung out forcefully, and they should not be dried in the washing machine to avoid deformation of the schoolbags. After the schoolbags are washed, they can be dried by hands, and then placed in a cool and ventilated place to air dry naturally. Cause the school bag to fade. At present, the prices of schoolbags that parents buy for their children are not low. For better use, parents should pay attention to choosing the correct method when cleaning schoolbags, so as to avoid damage to good schoolbags due to improper cleaning methods. All right. For more inquiries about school bags, welcome to consult with luggage manufacturers. Luggage specializes in customizing children’s schoolbags, children’s backpacks, elementary school schoolbags, trolley schoolbags, etc., and has successively customized student schoolbags for well-known institutions such as excellent education, funny composition, American and Chinese science and technology education, Tsinghua Experimental School, etc., and high quality It has been recognized and supported by all customers, welcome everyone to inquire!
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