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Do not blindly find a custom processing factory for luggage. These details should be understood clearly first.

by:Evercredit     2021-03-25
How to find the right luggage processing factory is very important to friends who have the needs of luggage customization. my country is a large country of luggage production. The luggage processing industry is divided carefully. Major luggage processing plants have their own advantages and they are good at different categories. . Therefore, don't be blindly when looking for a custom luggage processing factory, and you should understand the relevant details first to avoid unpleasant cooperation. There are many types of luggage, such as boxes, which are made of aluminum alloy, PC, ABS, Oxford cloth and other materials according to different materials, and bags, according to different styles, include business backpacks, handbags, female handbags, computer bags, mountaineering bags, etc. Each type of bag has a different craftsmanship, and the division is very fine. Box manufacturers may not be able to make bags, and bag manufacturers may not be able to make boxes. A luggage processing company can process any type of luggage. This is basically difficult, unless the factory is very large. It is so big that there are branches that can implement completely different processes. If you are looking for a factory for customized luggage and a luggage processing factory says you can do everything, you have to be careful to avoid being deceived.   For example, backpacks and trolley cases are currently the two more popular types of luggage, but the production processes of the two are very different. Backpacks are mostly made of Oxford cloth or nylon cloth. The production equipment mostly uses flat cars, and the craftsmanship uses cutting tools, embroidery printing, sewing, hemming, and rolling. The material of the trolley case is mainly ABS, PC, PP, etc., and the production process is more complicated, including a series of links such as feeding, cutting, stamping, rivets, mounting aluminum frames, mounting locks, and assembling, as well as the production of backpacks. The process is completely different. In addition, the price of customized luggage is directly proportional to the quality of the goods. Therefore, when customizing luggage, in addition to paying attention to its price, its quality must also be strictly controlled. Do not choose a manufacturer with a very low quotation for cheap. The quality of the bags made is definitely not good enough. You know, if you want to make a backpack of very good quality, then the price will not be as low as that. After all, it’s an eternal truth that you get what you pay for. When choosing a custom-made luggage processing factory, you should pay attention to choosing the right manufacturer according to your budget, and don't blindly seek small bargains, lest you lose more than you gain.   The above experience tells everyone that if there is a need for luggage customization, you must first figure out what luggage you are making. If you find the wrong factory, it will cause unnecessary trouble. Luggage customization. Look for luggage. Luggage is a professional manufacturer of custom-made backpacks, computer bags, portable briefcases, school bags and a series of soft cloth bags. It has 16 years of rich experience in production and customization. We insist on winning by quality. First, he has produced customized luggage products of various types for thousands of well-known companies. The visible word-of-mouth reflects, trustworthy and worthy of choice!
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