Countdown to the eleventh holiday, are you ready for your luggage?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-21
The longest exciting holiday of the year-National Day has entered the countdown. At this time, have you thought about where you want to go for a lap? The bag author tells you that it doesn’t matter if you haven’t figured out where to go for the time being. Travel first. The right way is to have your luggage ready. Let's take a look at the author's recommendation for the eleven travel luggage. 1. The journey is 1-3 days. It is recommended to travel with a backpack. The temperature on National Day in October is generally more suitable for travel. If it is a short trip, the clothes you need to bring are not very large. So, find a backpack with a slightly larger capacity. , You can install the clothes you need for traveling, and it’s very convenient when you’re out for fun.   This original trendy casual backpack with a diamond-shaped lattice design gives you a different sense of fashion, lightweight materials, light and soft, waterproof and wear-resistant, the main bag has reasonable functional partitions and more convenient storage. The stylish backpack with both appearance and connotation is not only a good helper for storing items during the journey, but also a must-have fashion item for matching and concave shapes on the journey. This backpack is undoubtedly your best choice for short trips in November. 2. The journey is 3-5 days, backpack or trolley can travel for 3-5 days, and the time is neither long nor short. At this time, everyone can choose the corresponding travel luggage according to their destination, if it is a domestic trip And if there are not many items you need to carry, you can choose a more convenient travel backpack. If you want to go abroad for fun and shopping, of course, you can’t do without the larger and more convenient trolley case. Generally speaking, if you are traveling for 3-5 days, you can choose a trolley case of about 20 inches. If you take a plane with a trolley case of this size, it is more convenient as long as it does not exceed the specified weight and does not need to be checked. 3. If the journey is more than 5 days, it is recommended to choose a trolley case for travel for more than 5 days. Generally, you need to bring more clothes. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a trolley case with better convenience. If you are alone, you can choose about 20 inches. If you are traveling with a family of three or four, you have to choose a trolley box of about 24 inches. The size of a 24-inch trolley box is generally 42cm in length, 68cm in height, and 26cm in width. A trolley case of this size must be checked in if you are flying, and the capacity of the 24-inch case is relatively large, which is more suitable for a family of three to travel for 5-9 days, both long and short distances. For the customization of travel luggage during the Golden Week of November, look for a luggage manufacturer! Luggage was established in 2004. It is a luggage customization service provider integrating design, research and development, production and processing. It specializes in customizing travel luggage for various groups and provides more You can choose from any customized travel luggage solution, and it is your best luggage partner.
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