Countdown to school, schoolbag customization must be done

by:Evercredit     2021-03-27
There are still 24 days before the start of the fall semester of 2019. If you have custom-made schoolbag customers who have not found a good manufacturer, then you really have to hurry up. Now you can get the goods before the school starts, or you can get the time before the start of the order. That's too late. Below, the luggage manufacturers will give you a brief description of those things about the customization of school bags, let's learn about it together. 1. Looking for formal and qualified manufacturers. The strength of schoolbag manufacturers in my country is uneven. In order to ensure the quality of customized schoolbags, the selected manufacturer must look for formal and qualified manufacturers, and then visit the factory. This is the most direct to the strength of manufacturers. In the process of normal communication, no matter how nice it is, it is better to see the production line of the manufacturer with your own eyes. Seeing is believing is the most reassuring. After seeing the true strength of the manufacturer, you can rest assured to carry out future cooperation. 2. Schoolbag customization materials must be healthy and environmentally friendly. Schoolbags are items that children have to touch for a long time. It is self-evident that they are healthy and environmentally friendly. Schoolbags made of inferior materials will cause children's allergies if they are used for a long time. It will affect the physical development and health of children. Therefore, when customizing schoolbags, you must choose environmentally friendly and healthy materials for fabrics, printing and dyeing inks, etc. Don't choose inferior materials for cheap, so as to avoid customizing inferior schoolbags. 3. Determine the customized quantity of schoolbags. Many luggage manufacturers have a minimum order quantity for the customized quantity of schoolbags. If the customized quantity cannot be reached, the manufacturer either chooses not to accept the order, or the customized price of a single schoolbag is very high after receiving the order. Therefore, Before customizing schoolbags, it is necessary to understand the manufacturer's minimum order quantity in advance in order to find a suitable manufacturer. 4. Confirm the delivery time of customized schoolbags. Most customized schoolbags are to be delivered before the beginning of the new semester, but this is the peak period for all kinds of schoolbag customization. Many manufacturers have a full list of customized schoolbags, so , Before placing an order for a customized schoolbag, you must understand the delivery period in advance, so as not to delay the delivery of the goods at the expiration date and other things will be bad. Student schoolbag customization, luggage manufacturers are worth choosing. Luggage has many years of experience in schoolbag customization. It provides schoolbag customization services for all kinds of schools and gift organizations all year round. The schoolbag products produced are in line with the QB/T1333-2018 standard. Visible strength and service ,trustworthy.
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