Can small batch student schoolbags be customized?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-29
Question: Can small batches of student schoolbags be customized?   Answer: Regarding student schoolbag customization, most manufacturers have relevant regulations on the minimum order quantity in order to save production costs. If the customized quantity does not meet the minimum order quantity, the manufacturer will basically choose No orders. Take the Fujian region as an example. Most backpack manufacturers have a minimum order quantity for schoolbags between 200-300. If the quantity customized by customers is less than these, it will be more difficult to find a manufacturer if you want to customize a schoolbag. Moreover, even if the manufacturer is willing Orders, because the overall production cost of small-batch customized schoolbags will increase, in order to smooth the cost, the customized price of a single schoolbag will be higher. If the customizing party can accept the high unit price, the manufacturer can also take the order to produce customized. How to customize student schoolbags in small batches? Friends in need can choose to find stock manufacturers. Some backpack manufacturers have some stock schoolbags. If customers need them, they can directly print or replace them with the logo required by the customer. However, spot schoolbags have a short customization cycle and relatively low cost. The only disadvantage is that the manufacturers have fixed spot styles, with fewer styles to choose from, and are not as personalized as exclusive customization. But for small-volume customization customers, spot schoolbags are undoubtedly It is a very good choice.
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