Can manufacturers design custom luggage styles for free?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-22
When it comes to customized luggage styles, different customers have different requirements for customized luggage styles. Sometimes luggage manufacturers have to design new styles according to customer needs to meet customer needs. So, can manufacturers of custom-made luggage styles design for free? This question is also of concern to many people, especially those customers who need customized luggage and bags are more concerned about the level of design costs. Below, let the luggage author take you to understand the related issues of luggage design. The design of customized luggage styles is not a simple matter. First, the manufacturer must be required to have a professional luggage designer. If the manufacturer does not have a professional luggage designer, then it is impossible to design a bag that is unique and meets the needs of customers. Possibly, therefore, whether to have a professional luggage designer is also an important part of examining the strength of the manufacturer. Can manufacturers of custom luggage styles design for free? For this problem, each manufacturer’s regulations are different. Generally speaking, if the manufacturer has a professional designer, then in the early stage, only a certain deposit is required for the design fee. Manufacturers can help customers design luggage styles. When the customer places an order, the manufacturer will generally refund part or all of the design deposit previously collected. If the customer does not place an order, the previously collected deposit will be refunded. In addition, The luggage styles designed by the manufacturer are copyrighted, and customers cannot use the design drawings indiscriminately. The manufacturer will also sign a related contract with the customer before helping the design to ensure their rights.   Want to design custom fashion bags, I recommend bags. Luggage is a production-oriented enterprise specializing in the production and sales of luggage, providing domestic and foreign customers with personalized luggage customization services such as design customization, production OEM, OEM and ODM. In more than ten years, more than 3,200 corporate groups, such as Huawei, ZTE, Baidu, Lianjia, etc., have won the recognition and praise of customers!
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