Can backpack customization be free proofing?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-20
Proofing is an important part of the backpack customization process. Only when the proofing sample is approved by the customer, the customer will place an order for production. When looking for custom backpack manufacturers, many friends will often see news about free proofing printed on the advertisements of the manufacturers. Many people will have doubts about this. Can backpack customizing be free for proofing? Let’s listen to what luggage manufacturers have to say about this. The question is how to answer it!    Regarding the question of'Can backpack customization be free proofing?', for a formal professional backpack customization manufacturer, since they dare to make this advertisement, it will naturally not be a gimmick to deceive customers, but the integrity issue is The important management method of the manufacturer, the company that loses its integrity will naturally not last long. Backpack custom free proofing is true for regular manufacturers, but there are certain prerequisites. After all, backpack custom proofing also has proofing costs. Taking into account operating costs, backpack custom manufacturers will set some conditions for free proofing As long as the customer meets these conditions, free proofing is not a problem. The prerequisite for custom backpack free proofing is generally: the manufacturer will charge a certain amount of deposit based on the estimated proofing cost before proofing to the customer. After the customer confirms the sample and places the order, the manufacturer will return the deposit to the customer in full or Deduct the deposit as the purchase price of the order, which is equivalent to free proofing. If the customer does not place an order after proofing, the manufacturer will not refund the deposit or only refund a small part of the deposit to the customer based on the previously signed proofing contract. This approach is also to prevent the cost loss of backpack customization manufacturers and prevent some customers from just wanting to make samples without order delivery.   Why do you need a deposit for backpack custom proofing? This question can be understood by thinking about it. Proofing has a cost. Backpack custom proofing manufacturers need to purchase related materials, and these materials are all for money. Therefore, before the customer confirms the order, in order not to increase their own operating costs, the manufacturer will often charge a corresponding proofing deposit based on the samples requested by the customer. If you are a manufacturer, I believe you can understand why the manufacturer requires a proofing deposit. Backpack customization, 16-year-old backpack customization manufacturer luggage is waiting for you online at any time! Luggage is a luggage manufacturer integrating luggage design and development, processing customization, and independent sales. For more than ten years, it has been committed to backpacks, computer bags, and travel. Bags and other various types of luggage customization, complete product categories, are a high-quality manufacturer of corporate backpack customization! 16 years of reputation and strength testimony, luggage is worthy of your choice and trust.
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