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Briefly describe the schoolbag customization process

by:Evercredit     2021-03-21
Now kindergartens, some elementary schools, education and training institutions, etc., in order to expand their brand influence, they will uniformly distribute customized school bags to students. With the popularity of personalized luggage customization in recent years, personalized customized school bags are becoming more and more popular. . When it comes to schoolbag customization, many people are not clear about the customization process. For this reason, today the author of the luggage will tell you what the five processes of schoolbag customization are, let's take a look.  1. Draw a design picture   The customization of a branded schoolbag first starts with the design picture. Professional schoolbag manufacturers will communicate with customers, understand their school culture, spread their image and requirements, and develop customized brand schoolbag design drafts for customers. The more meticulous the designer's drawings, the closer the bag will be to the customer's requirements, and it can also prove the design expertise of a school bag manufacturer. 2. To choose a schoolbag with good materials, it is necessary to have a good main material to set off the brand strength of the school. The schoolbag material of the schoolbag manufacturer is selected according to customer requirements. No matter what material is selected, the schoolbag manufacturer requires the thickness of the main material of the schoolbag Take the vernier caliper to measure, and each piece of material should not differ by even one millimeter.  3. Fabric cutting  Fabric cutting reflects the plate-making technology of the schoolbag factory, for example the plate-making process of the bag factory. The luggage has its own plate-making room, and the plate-making master will quickly produce an accurate and complete schoolbag cardboard according to the style and size on the drawing.  4. Splicing and assembly of schoolbag materials  This step requires the technical level of the producer, because a good schoolbag cannot be just good-looking, but also durable. Some bags will not be broken after more than ten years, which requires a test of the craftsmanship of the producer. At this point, we can see the professionalism of the schoolbag manufacturer. Where can    schoolbag manufacturers look for? The luggage custom manufacturer is a schoolbag manufacturer that specializes in Ru0026D, design, and production of kindergarten schoolbags and schoolbags for elementary and middle school students. It has 14 years of experience in schoolbag customization and provides schoolbags for Tsinghua elementary and middle school students, Longpan International School and other schools all year round.
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