[Admissions schoolbag] How about the customized price of schoolbags for training institutions?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-26
The hot summer cannot stop the enthusiasm for opening various training courses and interest classes. In order to seize the summer training market share, many education and training institutions have tried their best to offer various preferential activities to attract parents to register for their children. In order to increase their popularity among consumers, many training institutions will uniformly configure customized schoolbags for the students. So, what about the customized price of schoolbags by training institutions? Let's listen to how luggage manufacturers answer this question. The luggage manufacturer answered that every summer before and after the summer vacation, luggage will receive inquiries from many training institutions about the customization of schoolbags. Many customers are very price-sensitive and hope to get high-quality schoolbag products within a limited budget, which affects schoolbags. There are many factors in customizing the price, so everyone should pay attention to the dialectical treatment of the price of schoolbags. Generally, there are the following types that affect the customized price of schoolbags:   1. The higher the value, the higher the production cost. Once the cost rises, the price cannot be very low. Therefore, when customizing student schoolbags, if the price is not so high, the styles selected should not be too complicated, otherwise The price will increase. 2. Customized quantity Customized quantity is also an important factor affecting the customized price of schoolbags. The production factory basically divides the cost of schoolbags in terms of material loss and labor costs. If there are enough customized schoolbags, the manufacturer can use the entire production line. Make full use of, and there will be no waste. If the production cost is less, the quotation to the customer will naturally be lower. If the number of customizations is less, the material loss and production line waste are serious, it will inevitably increase The single production cost, the production cost increases, the quotation will naturally be higher. Generally, the factory will have a stepped quotation table. The quantity can be made in some ranges, and the quantity in some ranges is too small to accept orders. The manufacturers will have corresponding regulations, especially some large factories, which have higher requirements for customized quantities. . Therefore, before customizing schoolbags, it is better to inquire about the factory's relevant details of the customized quantity in advance. 3. The material of the schoolbag is one of the most important factors affecting the price. There are many kinds of materials to choose from. The price of different materials is very different. Even if the material is the same, the density is different, and the price difference is also It is very large, and the materials purchased by the schoolbag processing factory are not in the same area, so the price of the purchased materials will also be different, which will affect the customized price of schoolbags. Training institutions customize schoolbags. In order to maintain their external image, the quality of the selected materials must be guaranteed. You must know where the quality of the schoolbags made of bad materials can be better. If the students carry a bag for two or three days, it will be bad If it is dropped, it will ultimately affect consumers' perception of training institutions. Therefore, training institutions should pay attention to the quality of the schoolbags sent out. Looking for manufacturers for customized schoolbags for training institutions? Please look for luggage. Luggage is a large-scale schoolbag, luggage, advertising backpack custom factory, a comprehensive enterprise engaged in design, production, and sales. It has a production plant of 6000 square meters and more than 200 skilled workers. The quality control system is perfect, the production process is checked at every level to ensure the high quality and fast efficiency of the products. We specialize in customizing various school bags such as children’s school bags, children’s backpacks, primary school school bags, and trolley school bags. Well-known institutions such as Fun Composition, American and Chinese Science and Technology Education have customized student schoolbags, and the high quality has also been recognized and supported by all customers. Welcome everyone to call (400 0061 690) for consultation!
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